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D’CSV an der Gemeng
Méi no.
Méi Stengefort.

Since 1999, the CSV has been represented in the Steinfort municipal council by at least four municipal councillors.

In all these years we have consistently defended our positions and demands. This has always been in line with our values and commitments.

According to the party’s principles, we always put the individual first.

Whether in times of opposition or in responsibility in the municipal council, our commitment has always been a responsible one that respects the needs and realities of the citizens of the Steinfort municipality.

Over the past 5 years, our councillors have taken their work as the political opposition in the municipal council very seriously. This has been done with the support of the local section. Our philosophy has always been to practice constructive opposition, with the aim of monitoring the work of the board of aldermen and the political majority, as well as proposing improvements and submitting own initiatives.

In conclusion, we are proud of the work done by our representatives in the municipal council during the years 2017 to 2023:

Anne HOULLARD (2017-2020)
Bénédicte JANNE (2020-2023)
Georges KNEIP (2022-2023)
Tom MATARRESE (2017-2023)
Jean-Marie WIRTH (2017-2022)
Georges ZEIMET (2017-2023)

It has always been important for us to take into account and respect the specificities of the four villages of the municipality.

To be as close as possible to the citizens of the municipality of Steinfort is a sincere and constant endeavour of our candidates for the municipal elections on June 11th 2023.

The citizens have been, are and will always be at the centre of our decisions and actions. This applies to both present and future generations. For this reason, sustainability is an important and self-evident principle of our politics.

No to a policy that imposes.
Yes to involvement in decision-making and co-responsibility of citizens.

The CSV is a “peoples party”. A party of the people. No one is excluded and all our efforts are aimed at maximum inclusion, at harmonious coexistence of all people who have chosen to live in our community.

This election manifesto lays the foundations for the development of our community. For the next six years and beyond. We intend to set the course to be able to act beyond the next legislative period.

Our candidates are ready to take on responsibility. They have the necessary strengths and skills to master the challenges of the coming years.

Eis Gemeng – staark a biergerno

Our municipality – strong and close to the people.

The municipality plays an important role in the institutional context of the country.

It is the local actor responsible for the delivery of public services at the following levels: administration, technical services, social services, public hygiene, local infrastructures, etc. All actors must be aware of their closeness to citizens and understand that they are at their service.

In this sense, we plead for an optimal reception of the citizen which corresponds to the needs and realities.

Our commitment :

  • Making the reception area in the municipal hall more user-friendly.
  • Giving the staff of the municipal services the necessary means to offer a quality service to the citizens (furnishing of the offices, access to training, adapted opening hours).
  • Concentrating work on the priority tasks and obligations of the municipality.
  • Supporting of all measures that promote social cohesion.
  • Aiming for transparent and timely information for citizens.
  • Adapting the opening hours of the administration to the needs of the citizens.
  • Improving online services and facilities.
  • Promoting the digitalisation of forms and administrative processes.
  • Ensuring accessibility for all.

Nohalteg Gemengefinanzen

Sustainable municipal finances.

Sound finances are the key to the municipality maintaining its ability to act for the benefit of its citizens. We advocate an intelligent financial policy.

The 2020-2022 health crisis and the war in Ukraine have shown us how vulnerable and fragile our economy is and that prudent and sustainable financial management is more important than ever.

Our commitment : 

  • Ensuring responsible and sustainable management of municipal finances.
  • Setting priorities for investments, this while respecting commitments and priority needs/challenges.
  • Keeping the municipality’s debt at a reasonable level in order to ensure sufficient room for manoeuvre and to allow for reserves for future projects.

Digitaliséierung ouni Exklusioun

Digitalisation without exclusion.

Our commitment :

  • Optimising online services for greater convenience.
  • Initiating a redesign of the website to facilitate access and use.

Providing trainings to digitalisation and security on the Internet for all citizens who feel the need for it.

Modern a funktionell Gemengeninfrastrukturen

Modern and functional municipal infrastructures.

Major infrastructure projects are coming up in the next years. They are crucial for the future of the municipality.

Our commitment :

  • Completing the construction work on the sports infrastructure.
  • Pursuing and completing the expansion of the football infrastructure.
  • Initiating the construction of a new central school at the “a Backent” site.
  • Initiating the construction of a new barracks for the emergency services.
  • Initiating the planning of a new infrastructure for the municipalities technical services.
  • Initiating the construction of a new additional drinking water reservoir.
  • Continuing the projects for the expansion and modernisation of the inter-municipal hospital (HIS).
  • Modernising and repairing the municipal networks (water, wastewater, gas, …).
  • Increasing the capacities of retention of surface water in cases of heavy rain.
  • Pursuing projects to establish “third places”.

For all major and minor projects, we intend to introduce checklists designed to ensure compliance with living together and sustainability criteria:

  • Minimum energy consumption.
  • Ecological and social criteria for materials and suppliers.
  • “Design for all”, adaptation to specific needs.
  • Consideration of local & regional actors, as well as the circular economy.
  • Clear framework for operating costs.
  • Thoughtful, appropriate and adapted financing.

Interkommunal Zesummenaarbecht an Austausch

Inter-municipal cooperation and exchange.

A good climate for cooperation with the municipal leaders of neighbouring municipalities is important, including cross-border cooperation.

This also applies to representation and cooperation in inter-municipal special-purpose syndicate.

We will not close ourselves off to discussions about possible municipality merging, but we will not proactively initiate them at this stage.

Hôpital intercommunal de Steinfort (HIS)

We are ready to commit ourselves to keeping the HIS in the municipality and to continue with the expansion and modernisation projects.

However, we would like to initiate a debate to weigh up whether the form of an inter-municipal syndicate is still appropriate.

Regardless of the future form of management of the HIS, it is crucial that a medical centre, open to the public, is retained in the HIS.

Eng Gemeng vum Zesummeliewen a vun der Biergerbedeelegung

A community of togetherness and civic participation.

The challenge of the coming years will be to promote a genuine culture of democracy.

This requires that political decision-makers and leaders are willing to increase confidence in citizen participation and express a sincere will to involve citizens in decision-making processes.

We demand that the local council is taken more seriously and is better involved in decision-making processes.

Gelieften Demokratie an de politeschen Organer

Democracy in everyday life at the level of the political organs of the municipality.

Our commitment :

  • Ensuring better cooperation and communication between the board of aldermen and the municipal council.
  • Drawing up modern rules of procedure for the municipal council.
  • Clarifying the tasks of the municipal advisory commissions.
  • Improving the flow of information between the commissions and the municipal council.
  • Optimising audio recordings of municipal council meetings and evaluating the transition to visual “live streaming” of municipal council meetings.
  • Adjusting municipal council meeting times to allow citizens to attend meetings.
  • Publishing more detailed reports of the municipal council meetings in the “Gemengebuet”.


Citizens’ participation.

Our commitment :

  • Initiating a reflection and debate on the establishment of a citizens’ council.
  • Redefining the functioning and tasks of the “Kannergemengerot”.
  • Initiating reflection and a debate on the creation of a “Jugendgemengerot”.
  • Ensuring citizen participation in municipal projects.
  • Organising citizens’ workshops for major projects and neighbourhood projects.
  • Providing regular information sessions.
  • Setting up a box for ideas/suggestions accessible to all.
  • Enabling citizens’ projects to be carried out by informal groups of citizens, with logistical and financial support from the municipality.
  • Establishing community gardens in the villages and local neighbourhoods.

Integratioun & Inklusioun

Integration and inclusion.

Our commitment:

  • Ensuring “design for all” in all community projects.
  • Maintaining all funding for campaigns to promote togetherness.
  • Initiating an annual festival of nations and cultures.
  • Promoting the “Fête des voisins” more strongly and providing the necessary logistical support.
  • Maintain the language café and adapt its concept to needs.
  • Promote and further develop the regional app “Closer”.
  • Create a pool of “écrivains publics” (scriveners).
  • Improve the reception and care of refugees living in our municipality.
  • Organising a “Welcome Day” for new citizens and regularly updating the guide for newcomers.
  • Campaigning for registration on the electoral rolls.


Social policy.

Steinfort is a municipality for all, a community that brings people together, that welcomes them, that helps and that respects the social rights and achievements of all.

Our commitment :

  • Finding a suitable space for the activities of the social shop and for the Wullmaus asbl.
  • Ensuring the logistical support of the regional social office.
  • New premises for the CIGL that are better adapted to its needs and seting long-term goals.
  • Maintaining current social measures and adapt them to socio-economic developments.
  • Considering the social conditions beyond the boundaries of the municipality, especially in the countries of the South, this in line with the municipality’s commitments under the “Climate Alliance”.
  • Integrating the “Fairtrade” concept more strongly in municipal procurement and at the level of purchases by the local associations.
  • Establishing a non-profit association “Stengefort hëlleft” to better coordinate humanitarian and social aid.

Kanner, Jugend, Senioren, ….

  • Adjusting and increase the premiums for pupils and students.
  • Intensifying the cooperation with the Youth House.
  • Maintaining the cooperation with Youth&Work.
  • Modernising the playgrounds (more diverse, inclusive, safe, age-appropriate).
  • Expanding the range of intergenerational activities.
  • Facilitating access to municipal infrastructures for older people.

Bildung fir jiddereen

Education for all in an environment where all can flourish.



For over twenty years we have been calling for a central school infrastructure so that all children in our villages have the same conditions in terms of the resources available to them. We are pleased that today there seems to be an almost complete unanimity on this issue. In view of the demographic development of our community, the project of a new structure should be tackled within the next six years, regardless of the political constellation that will emerge from the elections on June 11th 2023.

Our commitment :

  • Planning a central school for all children from our villages.
  • Preferring the location “a Backent” for the settlement of the new school complex.
  • Continuing the participatory planning process already started.
  • Paying special attention to securing the surroundings of the school infrastructure.
  • Ensuring adequate and efficient school transport.

Maison Relais

The Maison Relais plays an important role in the non-formal education of children and is an essential complement to school education.

Our commitment :

  • Revising the modalities for enrolment in the Maison Relais for new citizens.
  • Evaluating the possibilities for the creation of non-formal education activities around nature at “Schwaarzenhaff”.
  • Considering the opening of the Maison Relais all year round.
  • Opening the access to the Maison Relais for children from early education (“précoce”).
  • Evaluating the feasibility of preparing the school canteen meals on site.
  • Regular surveys on the satisfaction of children, parents and staff.
  • Adapting the offers and modalities of holiday activities and “Spillnomëtteger”.

Life-long learning

Lifelong learning is important to us and we intend to create a favourable context with a larger offer accessible to all.

Our commitment :

  • More course offerings for adults, including evenings and weekends.
  • Providing specific course offers for youth, seniors and migrants.
  • Ensuring support for the music courses offered by the UGDA music school and provide suitable spaces.
  • Extend the cooperation with the “Landakademie”.

Fräizäit, Veräiner, Bénévolat

Leisure, associations, volunteering.

Our commitment :

  • Acquisition of mobile kiosks/pavilions to make the stay more pleasant: Parc Collart, Roudemer-Weier area, “Roudemer” playground – to be run by volunteers.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the surroundings of the pond in Grass, in cooperation with the ZARO syndicate.
  • Providing the necessary support to local associations.
  • Creating a range of meeting spaces for local associations.
  • Supporting the “Entente des sociétés” in its efforts for the promoting of volunteerism.



Culture has many facets and is a vital component of a dynamic community. It is expressed in our traditions, our history, our celebrations, our entertainment and our creative expression. It helps us to preserve the memory of the past and to imagine the future.

Our commitment :

  • Finalising the project for the new cultural centre “an de Keeseminnen”.
  • Acquiring additional modular tents.
  • Creating a diverse cultural offer, for all ages and audiences, in cooperation with Kultur asbl.
  • Reviving the “Schmelzkultur”.
  • Carrying out urban art projects in cooperation with Aktikulti asbl.
  • Increasing the offer of suitable practice spaces for music lessons.
  • Promoting and facilitating the access to “culture for all”.


Sport is an essential element for social cohesion and public health.

Our commitment :

  • Finalising of the new sports facilities at “Roudemer”.
  • Constructing new and adequate football infrastructures at the “a Backent” site.
  • Modernising the infrastructures of the tennis club.
  • Creating a “beach” multi-sports facility for volleyball, football and other disciplines.
  • Encouraging cooperation between sports clubs – encourage clubs to use the municipality’s logo and “#mirsistengefort”.
  • Encouraging clubs to offer further leisure sports activities.
  • Promoting and initiating measures to encourage sporting activity from a young age.
  • Introducing the edition of a biannual “Sportbuet” (summer/winter).
  • Offering “Sport for all” for all age groups.
  • Creating a job offer for a sports coordinator.



Efficient and environmentally friendly mobility helps to reduce car traffic in our villages.

Our commitment :

  • Promoting the use of public transport and soft mobility in everyday life.
  • Advocating for better connections to the RGTR network, especially in Grass.
  • Maintaining and better promoting the Proxi bus.
  • Improving the comfort of bus stops.
  • Placing bike racks, bike shelters or M-boxes at strategic points.
  • Exploring the possibilities of a bicycle rental system.
  • Maintaining the pedibus and adapting it to urban developments.
  • Creating a continuous soft mobility network linking the villages of the municipality.
  • Introducing a signposting-system for the soft mobility network.
  • Evaluating the possibilities of connecting the Kleinbettingen railway station with the P&R in Steinfort.
  • Pushing ahead with the project to expand the Steinfort P&R.
  • Initiating a feasibility study of a safe bicycle connection: Hagen, Windhof and Capellen.

Urbanismus – PAG

Urbanism and general development plan.

Steinfort, a regional development and attraction centre (CDA) and a community in transition.

Our commitment :

  • Addressing the challenges associated with CDA status.
  • Ensuring forward-looking and sustainable urban development in line with demographic trends.
  • Reducing space for cars in new neighbourhoods.
  • Creating greened urban spaces and shaded areas in the neighbourhoods.
  • Redesignimg the centre of Steinfort as an ecological urban space.
  • Increasing the density of development in places that provide good access to public transport and active mobility networks.
  • Developping the urbanisation in areas where the ground is owned by the municipality.
  • Reaffecting and giving new life to school facilities that are no longer in use.
  • Protecting and valorising the architectural heritage of the municipality.



Our commitment :

  • Creating more housing at affordable prices and rents.
  • Creating an enabling environment for shared housing and other alternative and innovative forms of housing.
  • Increasing the offers of AIS (social real estate agencies).
  • Creating a framework for building on long leasehold land.
  • Creating a supply of “multigenerational” housing.


Energy supply

Our commitment :

  • Reducing the dependency and aiming for self-sufficiency in the longer term.
  • Promoting the cutting-edge technologies in the frame of renewable energy.
  • Strengthening the cooperation with the regional energy cooperative.
  • Promoting and subsidising of renewable energy production plants.
  • Promoting all solutions that help save energy.

Ëmweltschutz – Klima – Naturschutz

Environmental protection – climate – nature conservation.

These are the greatest current challenges to leave a habitable planet for future generations.

Our commitment :

  • Further involving the citizens in the “nature pact”, the “climate pact”.
  • Giving the necessary support to citizens’ actions in the field of circular economy.
  • Extending the competences and services of the municipal “Service écologique”.
  • Maintaining and expanding the cooperation with SICONA.
  • Encouraging the planting of trees in public spaces and private properties.
  • Creating community gardens.
  • Inviting citizens to take over the care and maintenance of public flower beds.
  • Installing waste separation systems in public spaces.
  • Systematically organising “greenevents”.
  • Reducing light pollution.


Water management

Our commitment :

  • Promoting drinking water from the tap, at events, in public structures.
  • Ensuring long-term capacity for wastewater treatment.
  • Renaturation of watercourses according to a precise timetable (Äisch, Louseréng).
  • Reshaping the banks of the ponds in Grass and Roudemer.
  • Improving flood prevention and protection.
  • Promoting, subsidising and systematic collection and use of rainwater.
  • Installing water saving systems in municipal infrastructures.

Offallvermeidung, Économie circulaire & Recycling

Waste prevention, circular economy and recycling.

Our commitment :

  • Promoting a more responsible use of resources through circular economy.
  • Raising awareness against careless littering.
  • Promoting the “Ruban jaune” action, which allows citizens to pick seasonal fruit in public or private orchards.


Public Safety.

Our commitment :

  • Taking steps to build new CGDIS-CISST barracks.
  • Maintaining good cooperation with the Grand Ducal Police.
  • Improving warning systems for major incidents.
  • Acquiring pumps for citizens to use in the event of flooding.
  • Promote and subsidise the installation of non-return valves.



Our commitment :

  • Introducing measures aiming at limiting the heavy traffic inside the villages as much as possible.
  • Creating “30” or “20” zones wherever possible.
  • Evaluating the establishment of one-way streets in the villages.
  • Initiate feasibility studies for Steinfort and Kleinbettingen bypasses.
  • Evaluate the introduction of traffic lights with speed signals.



Our commitment :

  • Scheduling regular exchange with local business stakeholders.
  • Making the community attractive for local companies and small businesses.
  • Providing premises for “start-ups”.
  • Improving the mobility situation at ZARO in Grass.
  • Initiating the creation of “co-working spaces”.
  • Encouraging eccentric settlements for economic activities.